Is the Afterlife Real? 5 Stunning Types of “Paranormal” PROOF That May Convince You It’s TRUE!

What is the best evidence for an afterlife?

Do you believe that life after death is just a man made myth?  Is the idea that our loved ones live on after the death of the body just another piece of wishful thinking and small minded silliness the gullible want to believe because it FEELS good?  And if there really IS life after death….where is the proof?  Where is the evidence?  Does it exist……or is it a new age fairy tale?

In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at what I believe is the very BEST type of afterlife evidence that there is, and I’ll share what I believe is the very BEST way to get personal proof yourself.

Curious?  Let’s take a closer look below!

After Death Communications (ADC’s)

This is the broad general term in parapsychology for any apparitional encounter that  is vivid, meaningful and interactive.  About 40% of all people will have one of these types of experiences at least once.  Some of these are VERY, very vivid….and often turn complete skeptics into true blue believers when they occur.  Most people liken these to ghostly experiences, although in my view, the very BEST documented cases (of which there are thousands) are much more evidential than merely meeting a ghost.

Verifiable (and Accurate) Past Life Memories

Remembering a past life is one thing.  Being able to document these memories in vivid detail, and later being able to verify elements of what you remember with facts is another.  Entire volumes of scholarly research has been written about reincarnation and past life recall.  If you believe them, they obviously point to the continuation of the soul, spirit or human personality after physical death.

Death Bed Visions

Did you know that Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, the woman who singlehandedly launched the hospice movement and wrote the seminal book on end of life care for the terminally ill (“On Death and Dying”) spent the last years of her life documenting what she called death bed visions, or the incredible experiences of people who spoke of being visited by loved ones, going into a bright and beautiful light, and having detailed discussions about the afterlife with beings no one else in the room could see …..up to their final breath.

Many of these people were previously comatose, or had dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and were totally unable to communicate, other than these incredibly lucid conversations.  President Ronald Reagan reportedly woke up after his long struggle and had one of these experiences.  According to the eulogy offered by his sister, so too did Steve Jobs.  (she claimed he suddenly woke up….and repeated “Oh Wow” 3 times before he passed away)

These are very common, very well documented and quite often, offer revealing information that no one else in the room previously knew…making the argument that they are hallucinations hard to believe.

Near Death Experiences

Everyone knows about near death experiences today and with the amount of media attention they get, it’s no wonder.  The truth is, while many people argue about what is really happening, there are many, many cases that suggest that something DOES leave the body at death, and that whatever that is (the soul or spirit or pure consciousness) continues on after the body and brain cease.  I believe NDE’s will eventually prove that the human being IS in fact a spiritual being in my lifetime….and many surgeons, scientists and spiritual seekers are doing experiments to test this today.

Psychic Mediums

Quite simply, in my mind, there is NO evidence that it as overwhelming and interesting as that which is offered up by psychic mediums.  The truth is, no matter how much the skeptics want you to believe they are making it up, or guessing, or cold reading or simply just lucky, when someone you’ve never met, or by phone, offers up detailed information about a loved one you have lost, in a way that you KNOW in your bones they couldn’t guess, it changes your life forever.

The truth?  My own personal experience with a medium rocked my world and shook the very foundation of everything I believed… under 45 minutes of actual “talk” time.  She told me things about a family member which were not only amazingly accurate…..she actually told me things I didn’t know to be true, but went home and documented immediately thereafter to my stunned surprise.  These weren’t random guesses either……but things she told me my family member wanted me to look for, and low and behold, important documents I thought were lost, were recovered within hours of the reading.

Quite simply, whenever I hear people argue that “all” psychic mediums are guessing or cold reading or just pretending and the whole topic is silly…..I think back first to that amazing reading that changed my life, and then to the years of fun I’ve had exploring and embracing the magic, the mystery and the GIFT of life ever since!