Want to Talk to Spirits? How Psychic Mediums Communicate with the Dead

psychic answersCan psychic mediums REALLY talk to the dead?

If so……HOW so?  How do we know that they aren’t making it up?  Or, even if they are speaking to spirits……what is it like?  Do they hear voices, or is it more like mental impressions,  or psychic symbols instead?

Any of these questions sound familiar? 

If you are curious about psychic mediums, and how (or IF) they are truly able to communicate with ghosts, spirits or those who have crossed over to the other side, the simple truth is……you are NOT alone!

There is no more common question we get than what mediums do, and HOW they are able to speak to spirits, communicate with ghosts, and in general, open up a dialogue with the dead..:-)

The truth about psychic mediums is SIMPLE

Every Medium is Different

Not all mediums communicate with spirits the same way.  Some, for example, use spirit guides……to discern and direct the information that comes through.

Others use psychic symbols, and get impressions of information, and then try to piece and put that together in a way that makes sense.  Still others seem to be making DIRECT, one to one contact with the energies of those who have crossed over, and are having a literal conversation with real people, who simply are no longer in physical form.

As a matter of fact, as a researcher, writer and professional publisher of psychic and paranormal information, I’ve had several conversations with leading “celebrity” psychic mediums on what’s happening while they are doing a reading.

In a small group setting last summer, I listened in as John Edward described it being akin to having a conversation with someone who knocks on your door……only the door is made of a smoky, heavy glass.

You can make out the general features of the person standing on the other side, and even hear what they are saying, but some of the details are muffled, unclear and require a good amount of interpretation to understand.

Other mediums I’ve had personal relationships have described the process the very same way, only using different metaphors.  One VERY accurate medium I know well says it’s very much like being in a pool, and being underwater……and trying to have a conversation.  You can see that the person next to you is trying desperately to say something, you can make out a little bit of what they’re saying, but it’s hard to know for sure what the words are.  (and you often have to rely on symbols, signs, body language and reading lips to figure out what they’re saying!)

The REAL truth about psychic mediumship is very, very simple:

There is PLENTY of amazing information, and an avalanche of evidence that shows that many mediums CAN in fact relay information that they had no way of knowing prior.

Most of the skeptical arguments (cheating, random guessing, non specific information that applies to everyone, cold reading, etc) has been DISPROVED by many mediums who truly are as good as advertised.  (and most open minded skeptics will admit that they can’t explain how that happens)

Curious but NOT convinced?

I don’t blame you.  Seek out your own experiences and make your OWN mind up. NOT through articles like this one, or by anyone who is trying to convince you one way or the other.  Instead, speak to a genuine psychic medium, take copious notes on what they tell you, and then be HONEST about how accurate they were!  (you may find that you’ve got loved ones on the other side WAITING to speak to you!)

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3 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides From Home (Hint….It’s EASIER Than You Think!)

Who else is looking to connect with their spirit guides?

Do you even believe that you HAVE them….or are you not convinced?

  • I want you to do me a quick favor. Close your eyes and picture this:
  • Imagine you are able to connect with loved ones, deceased relatives or ancestors on the other side at WILL
  • Imagine you can get advice, information and insight from the "masters"….or those who can give you great guidance about important life decisions….whenever it’s required
  • Imagine getting first hand PROOF that life continues on after physical death…and knowing for certain that you can NEVER die yourself?

The truth?

Learning how to connect with your spirit guides can offer you ALL of this and a lot more…..and without having to change your existing beliefs a bit to make it happen.

Want to know my favorite 3 ways to connect with your guides, angels or spiritual caretakers whenever you need a helping hand?

1 – Talk to a psychic or medium who can CHANNEL, or connect for you in your behalf (very common to seeing a psychic medium like we watch or TV….or read in books)
2- The power of prayer…..or religious rituals (this is NOT my favorite approach personally….but I know many people who use this strategy for accomplishing amazing things, including getting in direct contact with the world of spirit)
3 – The MAGIC of mediation and entering altered states of consciousness (and the creative methods of communication that come with it)

My FAVORITE approach?

My first experience with my own spirit guides came as a consequence of a psychic medium reading. But since…..I’ve gone on to have MANY magical moments in meditation, where I’ve accessed the spirit realm personally and WITHOUT the help of a medium or clairvoyant, and have had deep, rich and vivid out of body experiences to boot! Like many others, I use sound and music technology to "train my brain" to induce these sorts of experiences at will….and have found them to be the most profound adventures of my life thus far….and PROOF that the spirit realm is REAL! (and that we all have access to them if we wish…when we’re ready!)


Learn How to Talk to Ghosts, Spirits & the Other Side: 3 PROVEN Ways to Contact the Dead

Who else want to know if spirit communication is real?

Do you have a genuine interest in talking to ghosts?  Does the idea of spirit communication fascinate you?  Or are you simply curious to know what REALLY awaits us all after this life is over? 

If you said yes….I don’t blame you.  I’ve been fascinated with spirit communication for well over 20 years….and have been actively involved in psychic research, writing and readings for close to 2 decades myself.

Here are the BEST ways I’ve found to contact spirits, ghosts or loved ones “living” on the other side…and if you are anything like me, I think you’ll find each of these experience amazing, enlightening and super eye opening to boot!

Electronic Voice Communication:

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Often called EVP. What is it?  It’s super simple…and simply requires you use a digital recorder in ANY area you think is haunted…or may have spirit activity.  (often your own home)  Now listen:  EVP is often thought of as a way for ghosts to talk to YOU…..but you can engage a 2 way conversation with ease…simply asking questions, and leaving the recorder running…and then listening to the whole thing the next day.

And don’t laugh….many GREAT minds have practiced, and PROVEN EVP transmissions are real….or at least unexplainable by science.  (including Thomas Edison who was working on a TELEPHONE to the “other side” before his death, and believed spirits could communicate this way with ease)

Seances, Ouija Boards and DIRECT Communication Methods:

How_to_Talk_to_SpiritsThis is still one of the BEST ways to facilitate spirit contact, and involves either deep meditation (which takes practice but works really well) or group communication, like a seance or Ouija board.  I’ve done them all….and the simple truth is that they WORK!  (even if you don’t believe them going in)

As a matter of fact, one of my FIRST experiences with the “other side” came through a Ouija board.

I was a STAUNCH skeptic until I had this experience…and no matter how people try to explain it away, until you’ve had the experience yourself, you simply can’t understand how powerful the PROOF is that it’s really happening.

Psychic Mediums: 

The EASIEST way to contact those on the other side?

Talk to a genuine medium.


If you know where to look, it’s easy, fast and can be an exceptionally powerful life changing experience to boot.

I’ve talked to several mediums MANY times by phone over the last 5 or 6 years, and have made contact on numerous occasions with loved ones who ARE still “living” on the other side.  (and until you actually have this experience yourself, like above….you simply can’t understand how amazing, or life changing it can be!)

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