Psychic Source Review – 3 Reasons We Recommend Psychic Source (And Where We’d Like to See Them Get Better as Well)

Is Psychic Source worth calling?  What are the reasons why you’d want to choose them, over a different psychic service or network?  Are their readers accurate, genuine and easy to work with, or is the whole experience more overwhelming than it seems?

The truth is, as a professional writer and publisher of psychic information, we get more questions about which psychic, or service to call or visit, more than any other!

And with such a large selection of available readers online these days, reviewing all of the different offers, and then picking the right reading CAN feel like a full time job in of itself!  If that sounds like you, or if you just want to know our experience with some of the very BIGGEST (and most popular) names in the industry, continue reading as I’ll share what I like (and don’t) about the Psychic Source Network immediately below.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look.


The first thing I appreciate about Psychic Source?


They have a wide diverse group of readers.  Clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, love and energy empaths and even some more esoteric psychics are all properly represented.  As of this writing, there are over 150 different intuitive’s available, and in my considerable experience, this is a huge advantage over smaller, more limited psychic services who need to “stretch” to meet the needs of their callers and clients.

The second advantage?

Continuity.  Psychic Source has been in business for over 20 years as of 2011, and their services predate most of the recent online “reading revolution” that seems so overwhelming today.  The truth is, what most of us don’t recognize is how easy it is for someone to put up a fancy website, get an 800 number and begin to advertise readings.

This “fly by night” approach has radically increased the QUANTITY of available readers online…..but dramatically decreased the quality at the same time.  In this business more than any other, continuity and consistency speak to the quality and integrity of the readers, and the readings… NO psychic stays in business for long without lots and lots of repeat callers and clients.  In this respect, there is NO better evidence of the strength of this particular network, as 20 years is a mighty long time to be satisfying curious callers and psychic junkies around the world!

Lastly…..but MOST important:

The 100% money back guarantee that every caller gets.  Either your reading blows you away……or you don’t pay.  PERIOD.  It doesn’t get much better than that, making a psychic source reading a true no lose, no risk proposition that is a win/win for all.

The one area I’d like to see them improve?

The live chat, or online IM functionality is not as good as that offered by several other services.  While this is not my personal preference for readings, the truth is, many of the big networks are moving to a “live chat” model, and the technology that several of the leaders in this area have rolled out is superior to what Psychic Source currently offers.  That said, quality is STILL king when it comes to readings, and no matter how fancy the technology, I’ll still take a good old fashioned phone reading that blows me away…..ANY day!  (and I’m guessing, so too will you!)

The bottom line?

While much changes every year in the psychic marketplace, it’s good to know that some things remain the same.  For my budget, psychic source remains one our favorite ways to get a world class reading at a bargain basement price, and if you have yet to test them, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!

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Online Psychic Readings – Can You Trust a Psychic You Find Online?

 Are online psychic readings as good as those you’d get offline?  

Is seeing a psychic face to face BETTER than calling one on the phone?  Or does it NOT really matter what "medium" the reading is in……as long as the READER is good?

My experience with psychics, over the course of 20 years is pretty simple:

An excellent intuitive works well on the phone, or in person……..equally as well.

And a substandard psychic gives shitty readings regardless of the setting or circumstance.  (I’ve never seen a psychic work well in  person but NOT on the phone, or visa versa – a good psychic is a good psychic…….PERIOD!)

Which online psychic networks do we recommend?

I’ve used, and had great experiences with both Psychic Source, the California Psychic Network, AND some smaller networks as well.  (we are also active affiliates for each)

I’ve had NOT so great readings with about 10 other psychic services…….which I won’t mention here.  (and wouldn’t recommend)

The truth is, you’ve got to form your OWN opinion, and have your own experiences to truly find a reader who has the most rapport, and most compatability with you!  Set aside a small budget of 20 or 30 dollars, throw caution to the wind and simply try the BEST intuitives available, either from our recommended networks, or find your own.  

(but don’t waste a ton of time searching for the "perfect" psychic…..he or she won’t exist UNTIL you have a personal reading that proves they’re perfect for YOU..:-)

Psychic Source offers $10 dollar readings for skeptics…..with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t impressed!

Psychic Source Review – Why We PREFER Psychic Source Readings in 2011

Who else is thinking about getting a telephone psychic reading? 

Are you excited about having your first (or next) psychic phone call and simply AREN’T sure which network to choose?  Have you browsed through tens of websites…or even hundreds of psychic ads, and trying to pick the ONE perfect network or service to call still feels a bit overwhelming?  In this article I’m going to share with you the 3 critical factors I use when selecting a psychic service, and I’m going to share with you my personal experience that led to choosing my FAVORITE psychic network as well.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Aren’t all telephone psychic services roughly the same?

Absolutely not.  In my years of doing psychic research, both as an online publisher of information, as well as an aficionado of ALL things psychic, clairvoyant and alternative and unusual, I’ve learned ONE critical fact that is consistently true:

The VAST majority of psychic services, be they individual intuitive’s or HUGE hotlines, are NOT very good.  They aren’t discriminating in who they hire…….nor are they’re readings very accurate, or impressive at all.

I’ve had numerous mind blowing and life changing readings with Psychic Source, (and a few other elite level networks as well) and I’ve found THESE 3 criteria to be consistent, and critical across the best of the best.

1 – Consistency over time

The simple truth is, ANYONE can offer an accurate reading once.  In  a 10 or 20 minute time frame, even a mediocre medium, or average psychic can sound "right" and lead you to believe they are good.  But the simple truth is, the BEST psychics earn their merit on being able to be "on" over long periods of time, and NOT via fly by night readings that sound good one day……but are followed up with further sessions that don’t live up to expectations.  A good network has "legs", and Psychic Source has amongst the longest legs out there..:-)  (20 plus years of telephone readings, well before the internet era, to me……is the definition of longevity)

2 – A good network has a DIVERSE set of psychics

And this means that they don’t try to squeeze one type of reading, on everyone.  I can’t stress how important this is, especially for folks out here getting their first reading.  The simple truth is, a love psychic does very different work than a medium.  A psychic who specializes in psychometry, or detective work, does VERY different work than a past life reader. 

Having an intimate understanding of the TYPES of readings that are available is super important to having a stellar experience, and choosing the RIGHT reader for you is equally as urgent.  (Psychic Source has over 150 different types of psychics as of this writing)

3 – A good network CARES about it’s callers!

Sounds pretty simple, but I’ve been amazed (and disappointed) at how many psychic services, or even individual intuitive’s do NOT cater to their clientele.  The truth is, I had a terrible experience years ago with a celebrity psychic who I visited in person…..and not only was the reading terrible, it cost me a fortune, and the celebrity psychic seemed to blame ME for the reading being wrong.  (telling me I didn’t do enough homework, that I’d find out later a lot of what she predicted was right, and that my loved one who had come through "insisted" that the information was correct") 

All of this made me feel LESS confident that any of this stuff was even real….simply because I was so disillusioned at how a bad reading was handled.  (I would have been fine with – "I had a bad day, sorry!") Psychic Source offers superior customer service, a 100% money back guarantee on ANY reading that isn’t up to your standards, and in my view…..this is the cherry that TOPS the cake in making this network the FIRST one I use….and recommend to friends and family alike!


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