Psychic Source Review – 3 Reasons We Recommend Psychic Source (And Where We’d Like to See Them Get Better as Well)

Is Psychic Source worth calling?  What are the reasons why you’d want to choose them, over a different psychic service or network?  Are their readers accurate, genuine and easy to work with, or is the whole experience more overwhelming than it seems?

The truth is, as a professional writer and publisher of psychic information, we get more questions about which psychic, or service to call or visit, more than any other!

And with such a large selection of available readers online these days, reviewing all of the different offers, and then picking the right reading CAN feel like a full time job in of itself!  If that sounds like you, or if you just want to know our experience with some of the very BIGGEST (and most popular) names in the industry, continue reading as I’ll share what I like (and don’t) about the Psychic Source Network immediately below.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look.


The first thing I appreciate about Psychic Source?


They have a wide diverse group of readers.  Clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, love and energy empaths and even some more esoteric psychics are all properly represented.  As of this writing, there are over 150 different intuitive’s available, and in my considerable experience, this is a huge advantage over smaller, more limited psychic services who need to “stretch” to meet the needs of their callers and clients.

The second advantage?

Continuity.  Psychic Source has been in business for over 20 years as of 2011, and their services predate most of the recent online “reading revolution” that seems so overwhelming today.  The truth is, what most of us don’t recognize is how easy it is for someone to put up a fancy website, get an 800 number and begin to advertise readings.

This “fly by night” approach has radically increased the QUANTITY of available readers online…..but dramatically decreased the quality at the same time.  In this business more than any other, continuity and consistency speak to the quality and integrity of the readers, and the readings… NO psychic stays in business for long without lots and lots of repeat callers and clients.  In this respect, there is NO better evidence of the strength of this particular network, as 20 years is a mighty long time to be satisfying curious callers and psychic junkies around the world!

Lastly…..but MOST important:

The 100% money back guarantee that every caller gets.  Either your reading blows you away……or you don’t pay.  PERIOD.  It doesn’t get much better than that, making a psychic source reading a true no lose, no risk proposition that is a win/win for all.

The one area I’d like to see them improve?

The live chat, or online IM functionality is not as good as that offered by several other services.  While this is not my personal preference for readings, the truth is, many of the big networks are moving to a “live chat” model, and the technology that several of the leaders in this area have rolled out is superior to what Psychic Source currently offers.  That said, quality is STILL king when it comes to readings, and no matter how fancy the technology, I’ll still take a good old fashioned phone reading that blows me away…..ANY day!  (and I’m guessing, so too will you!)

The bottom line?

While much changes every year in the psychic marketplace, it’s good to know that some things remain the same.  For my budget, psychic source remains one our favorite ways to get a world class reading at a bargain basement price, and if you have yet to test them, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!

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Phone Psychic Reviews – How To Get an Online Reading Guaranteed to be GREAT! (No Psychic Scams!)

Are you curious about what it’s like to get a telephone psychic reading?  Wondering how accurate your favorite psychic network REALLY is?

Or…..maybe you are wondering what percentage of online psychic readings are real?  Are most phone psychic networks a scam, or are some the real deal?  And what is the QUICKEST way to get a legitimate psychic reading, without spending a fortune, traveling a great distance or having to weeks weeks,months or even years for a celebrity reader?

If you are anything like I once was, the simple truth is that you probably think that the ONLY psychics that are legitimate are those that are famous, well known or have some name recognition.  The truth is, it took me a number of disappointing experiences, including one VERY costly one, to realize that just because a psychic, clairvoyant or medium was a FAMOUS, didn’t mean that they were going to be accurate.  (or honest….but that’s a different story for a different time!)

I’ve found that you can get an amazing reading online, or by phone, for a fraction of a price, and NOT have to risk a dime to make it happen.

Let me explain…..

Networks like California Psychics offer 100% money back guarantees that if you DON’T find your reading is the very BEST you’ve ever had, they’ll give you your money back right away.  (or give you a replacement reading at no charge until you ARE "wowed" as well)

The fact is, you’ll never find an offline psychic, or local medium who will offer the same guarantees.

At best, you’ll be able to get an apology, and maybe a free follow up.  But in my 20 years of researching and writing about psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, intuitives and the wild and wonderful world of paranormal abilities, I’ve yet to have an OFFLINE reader offer me a refund after more than 10 or 20 minutes of their time. 

Contrast that to the ONLINE world of phone psychics, and if you know where to go, getting a GUARANTEE is part of the promise!  (and I’ve actually had readers say to me halfway through…..I’m not comfortable that this is going well for you, would you like to end this now and try a NEW reader with the same guarantee?")

At the end of the day, the internet has blown the doors off of the psychic reading industry.  Extraordinary readers are now available to ordinary folks who don’t have the big bucks to see a celebrity psychic, and I say that’s a very GOOD thing for all!


Psychic Source Reading – What Should I ASK During My Reading To Make SURE It’s Good?

Who else is thinking about getting a Psychic Source reading?

Are you excited, enthusiastic but unsure what to ask? Do you wonder what the BEST questions are to test a psychic and ensure they are the real deal? Are some questions, or issues more difficult for a psychic to help you with than others? In this article we are going to tackle some common conundrums and confusions MANY people have when calling a psychic for the very first time….and shine a bright and illuminating light on what I believe are the very BEST practices and policies as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Are ALL questions fair game when it comes to a reading?

Usually, yes. Of course, like any other professional…..every individual intuitive may have different things they aren’t comfortable with, or areas of information they’d prefer not to advise or inspect. For example, "death" questions are not something that lots of psychics are comfortable with…and for a whole plethora of reasons outside the scope of this one article. But others may feel that this is completely "in-bounds" as well, and will tell you what they see….and when, as well..:-) In general though, I don’t advise starting a conversation off with the heaviest stuff, or the deepest dilemmas you have, much the same way it’s not a good idea to do that with ANY conversation you are just starting.

The BEST idea for good questions to ask?

I recommend you write down 5-7 critical issues you are dealing with, or needs some help with, BEFORE the reading begins. Start with the "EASIEST" areas conversationally first….and then move through the more profound, or heavier areas as you get the proof, or evidence that the intuitive IS really good. (and you feel comfortable sharing very intimate information with them)

You should NEVER go into a reading completely unprepared:

Always have a loose list, or agenda of things you’d like to cover. NEVER think you’re going to get ALL of your psychic questions answered…and as a matter of fact, the best readings are those that you get 3 or 4 REALLY good answers out of your list of 5-7.

In my own personal experience?

During your first reading, questions about passion, purpose, karma, love and meaning are the best areas to tackle. A good psychic will do MOST of the talking, will offer insightful, illuminating and enlightening answers, and will leave you feeling GOOD, comforted and rejuvenated when the reading is done!