How to Have an Out of Body Experience Very Fast: 2 Mind Blowing OBE Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Who else wants to have an out of body experience? If you are anything like the majority of people reading this right now, the simple truth is that you probably do, right? It’s true… of the most magical, mysterious and magnificent experiences that any person can have takes place in the wild and woolly spaces of the OBE, and it’s almost impossible to explain to people unless they’ve had one for themselves.

So what are the fastest ways to have your very own out of body experience?

Tip #1: The Magic of Meditation

Yes, this is probably the very best way to either prepare for, or to facilitate an OBE. Why? Well, years and years of research and experience have shown that certain brain states are MOST conducive to having an out of body experience. And how are these brain states most easily accessed? Through “quieting” the mind through sitting meditation.

Tip #2: Binural Beats and Brain Entrainment Technology

Yes, this is the more modern approach to the mystical…….but brain entrainment software is a proven and pragmatic way to have powerful paranormal experiences. ( and to facilitate other psychic skills as well) While many of these sort of technologies used to be unavailable to the ordinary person due to their super high cost, thanks to the Internet and digital technology, they are now available to all!

Bonus Tip: An Induced Out of Body Experience takes practice! Never let anyone tell you otherwise…..much like learning to draw, ride a bike or play the guitar, absolutely amazing psychic skills and talents are available to everyone who is willing to ride the supernatural surfboard and explore the magical mysteries that await us all…:-)