Learn How to Develop ESP and Psychic Intuition

Can psychic ability be developed?  Is ESP a gift……or is it something that can be honed, refined and perfected?

Many people argue on both sides of the street…..and maybe even more believe they are BOTH figements of the imagination!

If you DO believe….the good news is this:  According to just about all of the mainstream scientific research that supports the existence of extra sensory perception, it is indeed a skill that can be learned, and refined by just about everyone who tries.

Here is a pretty good article below on some simple ways to work on your own ESP, and how to apply some daily discipline, and easy exercise, to the cultivation of psychic powers as well.

You can read the whole article after the jump at the link below.  Enjoy!

Here are some practical ESP exercises from various sources: * Scanning – “Two people – preferably two who haven’t met before – stand about 4 – 6 feet apart from each other, facing each other, eyes closed. Each person then closes their eyes, takes a moment to breathe, relax and ground, then visualizes the other as a ball of light or pure energy. Each looks with their inner eyes into the ball of light and scans the person opposite top to bottom, bottom to top, noticing any words, images, colors, thoughts, sensations in their own body,… anything at all that comes up while they’re scanning… After a few moment, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, and describe how what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time.”

– The Light Ball Exercise * Predicting – “Write three predictions for the next day. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, be sure you’re comfortable and feet are firmly planted on the floor. After a few deep breaths, project yourself into the next day. See yourself following through on your plans for tomorrow. Look around you. Notice any colors or sensations. Who is with you? What are they wearing? What are they doing? What are you doing? If nothing seems to come, then listen. Any words? Any song lines start running through your head? How does your body feel? Do you smell anything? What subtle changes do you notice? Is your mood changing? Note everything you sense. Write your ‘predictions’ based on the information you received.” – Sensing and Interpreting * Online Tests – Work with the many ESP tests that can be found online. Work in a quiet room without distractions.

Try different tests and work with them repeatedly. Try them at different times of the day. Are you more successful at certain times of the day than others?How Do You Know If It’s Working?After your days, weeks and months of meditation, practice and experimentation, how will you know if your psychic powers are improving? “By experience,” says Russel Steward. “Store the episodes in your memory. All those things you knew that came true, all the things you could tell other people about themselves, each and every episode fuels your proof.”Better yet, keep a journal of your experiences. Write down the results of your online tests and exercises. The physical act of writing it all on paper will help reinforce the conscious-unconscious connection.But how do you know if your “hits” are still just coincidence? An increasing success rate will determine that. “At some point,” continues Steward, “chance and coincidence are mathematically no longer a factor.

You search your feelings, you begin to trust yourself. The mysteries of the universe lay before you, no longer mysterious, but like a giant unread book.”> Page 1, 2> Poll: How often do you have an ESP experience?What Do You Think?Discuss ESP and other psi phenomenaat the Paranormal Phenomena Forum.Have You Had aParanormal Experience?

Developing Your Psychic Abilities