How Much Does Theresa Caputo Charge?  (VIDEO)

How Much Does Theresa Caputo Charge? (VIDEO)

Q:  How much does it cost to get a private reading with the Long Island Medium?

A:  There is no question, in the psychic and spiritual and new age space….the BIG questions people are asking are ALL about Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium.  

Now, I want to make one quick disclaimer before I share my own thoughts and opinions on her readings, and whether it’s worth big bucks to see her privately, in person.

1 – I’ve been watching Theresa work for quite some time….dating back to when she was a regular radio guest on the Forever Family Foundation’s talk show.  (a program in NY that helps parents deal with the loss of children, or anyone really who has lost a loved one prematurely)

2 – I haven’t seen her privately myself, but have spoken to many others who have.

3 – I think Theresa Caputo is sincere, and very well intentioned….AND I think her readings are often quite good as well.  (although for me, in my own experience, I don’t think she is the best or most gifted medium around, rather….she is the most famous, well known and personally entertaining!)

From what we read, she has a long, long waiting list and you can expect to pay over $500 for a short personal reading.  (again – check with her management directly for prices and availability, both of which I understand fluctuate quite a bit as well)

Of course,  you can also see her in a group setting, or in a workshop type atmosphere as well, as these kinds of events are very common in the spiritual and new age marketplace, especially for published authors and celebrity psychics.  (I’ve personally seen John Edwards the last 2 times he’s been in Florida, both of which were very interesting….and I reported on, and wrote up in some detail both here……. and for other websites in the industry)

For those who want more info on the Long Island Medium….check out the video above, and share your thoughts in our community comments section, or on Twitter about what you think!