The Best Evidence for Past Lives? (And the Easiest Way to Prove You’ve Lived Before!)

Who else is curious about the idea of past lives?  Is there any evidence that reincarnation is real?  And what does religion say about the notion of one soul inhabiting many bodies over the course of many lifetimes?  Is there any real way to PROVE that past lives are real, or are we all going to have to wait until we’re gone to find out for sure?

In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at the actual EVIDENCE for past lives, as well as talk about the absolute EASIEST way for anyone reading this to get the first hand proof we all want.  Curious to know more?  If so…..continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!

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Absolutely not!  And this is one of the biggest myths and misconceptions about past life research that lead many to believe it’s silly.  After all, if everyone believes they were Napoleon or Cleopatra in a previous life, it would be pretty silly to take them all at their word, right?

The truth is, the VAST majority of genuine past life memories are much less glamourous.  Most remember living simple, unassuming lives, and even people who are relatively well known or successful in THIS life remember themselves as peasants, or poor, or simply obscure in a previous incarnation.

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Actually, in my view, it’s the evidence accumulated where small children remember detailed lives in other families, in other countries and often reveal startlingly abilities in THIS life that their previous personality exhibited as well.  (often artistic, musical or creative skills that these children have never been taught in their current incarnation)

Did you know that some children who recall past lives can speak languages that they’ve never heard…..yet are the exact languages that the person they recall being spoke fluently?  Or can remember details of cultures and countries they’ve never visited…and often, details of families they’ve never met?  (or their own relatives have no way of knowing as well)

Over 2 THOUSAND of these cases were compiled by legendary researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson, who traveled across the globe collecting evidence that reincarnation, while it sounds hard to believe, may actually be REAL.  Stevenson also collected cases where children recalled dying in horrible accidents in one life….and now had physical SCARS that corresponding with the “death” injuries of the people they described being.  Very weird, very bizarre and yet 100% true!  (Dr. Stevenson’s book on those cases called – “Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect” was cited in the New England Journal of Medicine, the first time in modern history that reincarnation and past lives were discussed by a major medical publication)

The truth is, famous astronomer and well known SKEPTIC –  Carl Sagan, called the books above not only extraordinary evidence, and if true,  possibly the greatest modern discovery mankind has ever seen.

So how can average people like you and I do our OWN past life research without traveling around the globe or interviewing people we don’t know?

2 easy ways.  The 2 most popular ways to explore your past lives are through either past life regression, or speaking to a psychic or intuitive who specializes in past life readings.  I’ve had BOTH done, and they were amazing, insightful and incredible openings into the power of my own past, present and potential.

As a matter of fact, many books are being written today on past life regression therapy, and best sellers like “Many Lives, Many Masters”, “Same Soul, Different Bodies” and many similar titles have brought the mainstream media attention to an idea that was once considered in Western Culture to be fringe, silly and plain strange.

My own preference?

I prefer the simplicity of a past life psychic reading over a more intense regression therapy session.  Regression can be expensive, uncomfortable, and if you aren’t easily hypnotized, not much fun to boot.  As an alternative,  I’ve had several past life readings that have changed my life, and impacted the relationships I have in THIS life in ways that I will never forget.  As a matter of fact…..a good psychic can do for you in 30 minutes what 3 years of relationship therapy can’t!

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