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Tarot Readings for Love

What are tarot readings for love good for? Is a tarot card reading even accurate at all? What kind of information can I expect to learn from a relationship reading? Can I tell if he loves me… or if he’s REALLY the one simply by what comes through the cards?

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at tarot cards for love, and see what you can learn about your life, and about LOVE, within 20 minutes or less, with a qualified and talented tarot reader. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Evidential Answers

The first thing you should look for when trying to determine how accurate tarot cards are… and the specific reader you are talking to as well? Evidence. Or said in more spiritual terms… evidential information that comes through the reading that assures you that what you are getting applies SPECIFICALLY to you. After all… no matter how much fun a tarot reading may be, if the information is too general, or non specific, or even inaccurate for your current life conditions or circumstances, it makes very little sense to continue with the reading, let alone make important decisions predicated on what comes through.

Karmic Compatibility

Most good tarot readers will look at the spiritual significance of not only your own spread, but how those cards align with the karma, and compatibility you have with a specific “soul” in your immediate orbit. Most commonly, this is the person you are currently involved with now, or someone you may be curious about, or quite often… someone who may BE In your life right now in a non romantic or intimate way, yet… has some sort of soul mate significance that neither you, or the other person has yet to realize.

Precognitive/future oriented Answers

Simply stated, the most common reason people get a tarot reading is to forecast the future. And precognition, or divining future oriented information, is the strength of the tarot over other similar spiritual tools, simply because they have such a rich and storied history of being so GOOD at doing so accurately. Remember, the tarot is a symbolic spiritual tool. Many of the card combinations you’ll get offer up a wide variety of potential paths… and choices, and most importantly… lay out some spiritual scenarios that are possible contingent upon what path you pick.

Nowhere is this MORE important than in the domain of love, romance and relationship… where a choice you make TODAY, can reverberate for many years, decades or if you believe in karma and compatibility like we do, many LIFETIMES in the future as well.

So choose WELL. And even if you are 100% skeptical, or curious but not convinced, have a personal experience with tarot to see why so many of us won’t make ANY important decision without taking a long look at the spiritual story that cards symbolically spell out… before we do!

Where is my Guardian Angel? A Radically NEW “View” on Guardian Angels


Where is my guardian angel?  Is he or she around me all of the time?  How come they don’t answer when I seek out their help?  Can they hear my questions?  What about when bad things happen?  Were my angels, spirit guides and personal protectors NOT paying attention……or do they not have the power to protect me from pain, problems and harm?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the thousands of people who regularly read our blogs, newsletters and articles, the BIG question you have is how to get evidence that your angels are around.

I’m going to make a radically different suggestion about how you can find your angels…and how life itself, and the people, path and purpose you live, can reveal a whole heck of a lot more about who your angels are, than looking above.

First…..your Angels are ALWAYS around YOU.

And I mean that both in a literal sense, and a figurative sense as well.  In my own experience, and belief system, the people who are in your life are often there for reasons that are much more spiritually significant than you realize.  In a sense……your guardian angels can actually be embodied with you, living a life alongside of you, in a very human and hum drum way.

And i’m not saying that they are angels in disguise…..either.

Or at least, not in the conventional way we think about disguises!

Instead, what I’m suggesting is that we each have soul mates, and spiritual partners, and extended soul groups as well.

We choose to incarnate together……to go, grow and flow through this experience we call embodied life, as a unit.

And we create karmic contracts, and spiritual agreements, together as well….before we are born.

Some of those around you right now….often those who give you the greatest feeling of comfort, trust and love, are your guardian angels both in human form, as well as by spiritual selection.

You’ve both chosen these relationships….and this protection, and this very specific type of care and concern, before you were born.

Other guardian angels are more akin to spirit guides….in the sense that they are NOT “here” in form or body, yet are around you just the same, and are part of the same spirit or soul family, and do their best to nudge you in the direction of your destiny.

Is there an easy way to PROVE this is true, for you?

Of course not.  All things spiritual are not scientific.  There is no meter to measure karma, connection, love and the feeling of inner knowing you get from being surrounded by the spirit of those you love….whether in body, or beyond.

You have to go with your gut.  Trust what your intuition tells you….and flow in the direction of those that inspire you, encourage you and make you dance in the direction of your dreams.

THAT is what guardian angels are there to do – and you don’t need to believe in anything new age, or spiritual to know that is true.

Exploring the Afterlife (Video)

Exploring the Afterlife (Video)

What do you believe happens when we die?

Is it lights out…….or lights ON :-) ?

The truth is, there is nothing quite like personal experience, and evidence, and seeking out spiritual PROOF for an afterlife, rather than reading the various opinions, experiences and perspectives of others.

Enjoy this video….and share your thoughts in the community comments section below.

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