Psychic Dreams – Can YOU See The Future While Having a Dream?

Can dreams be psychic? How can I tell if I’m seeing the future while having a dream?

Here is another interesting study on how to tell if your dreams are psychic…..or said better, how to know if we really ARE able to see the future, or even read minds while asleep

What many people don’t know is that there are tons of really great scientific studies into the nature of precognitive dreams, and many people have incredible experiences with both feeling the future, spiritual visions and even being able to read the minds of others while having deep, detailed and lucid dreams.

Check out the full article below….or share YOUR psychic dreaming experiences with us on Twitter here!

The New Telepathic Dreaming Studies

Both of Smith’s experiments exposed students to a photo of an individual and asked them to try to dream about the problems of that person. So there are sender and receivers, as is traditional in dream telepathy studies. The identity of the senders were unknown, even to the experimenters themselves.

In Experiment 1, the focus was on health problems of the individual in the photo. The study compared 2 dreams that the students submitted before the “incubation” began with 2 dreams collected afterwards.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.31.10 PMIn Experiment 2, the focus was on life problems of the individual in the photograph. Like the first study, students submitted 2 dreams before they were informed about the aim of the study. Experiment 2 also used an additional control: about half of the students (56 people) looked at a photograph that was unbeknownst to them a computer simulated image–not a real person.

In both studies, the experimental post-incubation groups had many more “hits” than the controls, a hit being an image or concept in the dream that correlated to real problems of the individual in question.

More convincing for me, in experiment 2, the dream content of the control group (who looked at a fictional person’s image) did not change from before and after incubation, where as the experimental group had a large (statistically significant) change. See Figure 1 above.

Carlyle Smith says this about the findings:

“The data from these experiments suggests that normal undergraduates were able to have dreams with content that reflected the real-life problems and concerns of an unknown target individual. The content reported by each experimental individual varied somewhat and the focus varied from dreamer to dreamer, but overall, the scores on specified categories were quite significantly different for the target in experiment 2. Equally important was the lack of change in content for the Controls where the target was fictitious.”

Here’s where to read the study yourself. There’s great details about the dream themes and how they related to the sender’s real-life problems.

Colton Burpo NDE – The truth about children and near death experiences

Do babies have near death experiences? Is it possible for a small child to REALLY see “god” or to go to heaven? What is the evidence? Isn’t it more likely that their parents are just making it up?

With all of the attention that near deaht experiences and children are ABOUT to get with the upcoming release of Heaven is for Real, the movie documenting the incredible NDE of Coton Burpo, many people are scratching their heads and wondering what is REALLY happening when a child comes back from the brink of death…and reports on things that feel impossible for him or her to know. Check out this great article written on kids near death experiences and see if it doesn’t give you a more powerful perspective on the reality of what millions of people have described after visiting the “other side” :-)

Do Children Really Have NDEs?


nancyevansbushAs the film Heaven Is For Real is released in theaters, we remember the writing of Nancy Evans Bush , author of Dancing Past the Dark,  as she discusses issues and evidence of children who have had NDEs.

When news of near-death experiences first began reaching the public, almost forty years ago, one of the earliest questions was, “What about children?” Children haven’t had much education or religious training; so surely a child could not have such an experience? Well, wrong. As early as 1983, more than two thousand people had reported their near-death experiences (NDEs) to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).  [... Among them were dozens from people who mentioned having had an NDE as a child; fifteen of them were described in detail.] As the first-generation archive of experiences, these reports are considered the “cleanest”—unlikely to have been influenced by hearing or reading about many others. Among them were dozens from people who mentioned having had an NDE as a child; fifteen of them were described in detail. The experiences had all happened well before the term “near-death experience” was even invented, but all were remembered vividly. In addition, two mothers contacted IANDS for help with what their still-young children were reporting and dealing with after an NDE. As the fifteen first-person accounts were being described so early in the history of near-death studies, and as the two mothers’ stories were so immediate, they have exceptional believability. First reported in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, Winter 1983, these experiences still serve as introduction to the question, “What about children and NDEs?”

Colton Burpo (Heaven is for Real)

The incredible near death experience of 4 year old Colton Burpo has been made into a movie

Heaven is for Real….the New York Times bestseller featuring the incredible near death experience and spiritual revelations reported by a 4 year old boy who was brought back from a very close brush with death and proceeded to amaze, inspire a community (and eventually a worldwide) audience with the wisdom he gleaned from “the other side”.

Was the experience true…..or just the wild imagination of a young child you had an incredibly scary brush with death?

Of course most of our readers who are familiar with NDE’s and the millions of people who share the incredibly similar spiritual transformation that they bring on will say they are 100% real, but these stories, especially when they reach the mainstream and are subject to lots of conversation from ALL sides of the spiritual or skeptical fence are a good thing for all.

The movie is slated for an April 2014 release – read more about it at the link below.

The film stars Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo, a small-town businessman, volunteer firefighter and pastor struggling to make ends meet in a tough year for his family. Newcomer Connor Corum plays the oracular Colton, and Kelly Reilly as the wife and mother, Sonja.

In 2010, a book by an unknown author, which reached curious readers entirely by word-of-mouth, unexpectedly hit the vaunted top position of the New York Times bestseller list.  This was Burpo and Vincent’s Christian book, “Heaven Is For Real,” which  would go on to sell millions of copies with over 10 million in print worldwide. It has been translated into 35 languages.

The soaring journey of the book began with a parent’s worst nightmare:  A sick little boy whom doctors said was unlikely to survive.  But just when the doctors had given up hope, Colton, by divine miracle, came through his sickness.  After he recovered, he began to tell an incredible story about his journey to heaven, and how he had been shown a realm of indescribable beauty and supreme peace, even meeting deceased relatives he had never known personally.

Real Psychic Readings

How can you tell if a psychic is genuine?

More importantly….how can you tell if a psychic rating or review is REAL?

With so many people recommending psychic readers these days online, it’s sometimes difficult to find an HONEST review or writeup that you can really trust.

Here is the straight scoop on REAL psychic readings you can trust, and why it’s often a lot harder to find honest information than many people realize.

1 – Many psychic reviews are written by affiliates – or by marketers, rather than folks who are truly interested in mediums! Check out the example site at the link below – they APPEAR to be a psychic review site that is genuinely writing about psychic experiences and readings, but in truth…they are actually an affiliate – using a fake profile – to sell a specific psychic service. (note – they are actually recommending Psychic Source, a service we use and recommend as well – but the point is, they are doing it under false pretenses to earn a commission. When you buy a reading from a psychic or service we recommend – they compensate us in some way – either through free readings or payment of some type – and you need to know that when signing up for a service based on our recommendation)

2 – Any psychic service that advertises themselves as 100% free… going to be a scam. There is no “future” (no pun intended) in advertising free readings……as obviously, if you are paying to advertise and then giving stuff away, at the end of the day, you don’t need to be able to predict the future to realize you will be BROKE! 100% free psychic services are more akin to bait and switch style car dealers, and there is ALWAYS a catch. Period.

3 – Your best bet when calling online psychics? Set a budget and stick to it. You CAN get a great reading for 10 or 20 or even 50 dollars on the high side on a first time call, and there are many reputable networks that offer great deals for folks looking for psychic advice by phone, and are willing to pay a few bucks to have a reading. (again – $10 on the low side for a 10 minute session – up to $50 or so SHOULD get you enough real information to decide whether or not you want to have a future relationship with a specific psychic or service)

Check out Psychic Source HERE for some great rates for first time callers – or simply browse around the web for other alternatives that may work equally as well for you.

And…..if you want to see a FAKE psychic review site….check out the link following the short excerpt below.

Getting a psychic reading can be an exciting and insightful experience. A true psychic can reveal incredible information about your future, or even provide helpful advice on a problem that you need help resolving. Unfortunately, there is a large number of companies on the internet claiming to be “clairvoyant” and calling themselves “the best psychic in the world”.

But with so many different psychic readers to choose from, how can you be sure which psychics are real and which ones are fake?

My name is Linda Wristen, and I created this blog to help people find a legitimate psychic reading and avoid many of the common scams that are floating around the internet. I’ve been consulting with psychic advisors for the past 6 years, and I’ve learned a lot through my journey. On this blog, I’m going to share with you my top recommended psychics, how to avoid getting scammed, and what you can learn from a psychic reading.

Is Life After Death True? The 10 Best Pieces of Evidence for an Afterlife

What is the best evidence for an afterlife?  Does it come from religion?   Is the Bible the best source of information regarding life after death?  Or, can one have NO real religion…..yet still have personal proof that life does NOT end when the body dies?

The truth is, in my own experience, while religious beliefs CAN be an amazingly empowering and powerfully positive thing, they are not the best set of evidence that life continues on after the physical body dies.  And yes….I do know that many people look to scripture for their spiritual truth, and that is 100% cool and kosher with me, BUT……the good news is, you can also find lots of other supplemental spiritual evidence that supports the notion that we are far MORE than physical bodies alone. (more…)

Do I Have a Spirit Guide?

If I do… how will I know? What is the difference between a guardian angel, and a guide? Are they the same thing… or are BOTH ideas simply a bunch of wishful thinking and new age nuttiness?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the tens of thousands of people who have enjoyed our articles on angels, guides, spiritually transformative experiences, and the wild and wonderful “invisible” world that awaits us all, they probably DO, right? After all… no matter WHAT you believe about life, death and everything that may happen before or after those two important occasions, life IS more magical, when you consider that the journey never really begins or ends.

So are you curious but NOT yet convinced?

Let’s take a quick and easy look at what we DO know about what people report about their own experiences……with guides, angels, spirits and personal protectors from above.

1 – Millions of smart and totally SANE people, each and every year, have a spiritually “transformative” experience where they feel we’ve been in direct contact with a loved one who has crossed over, or an angelic being that is NOT of this world.

2 – More than half of all married couples will claim to have a direct, convincing and life changing experience with their spouse, after their passing.

3 – More than 75% of parents who lose a child will report having a dream visitation, or a waking experience where they SEE, hear and feel their child’s presence.

4 – There are COUNTLESS cases of famous people from politicians, to world explorers, to extreme athletes, to ordinary people who have reported being in direct communication with a spirit guide or angelic being who has helped them accomplish a seemingly insurmountable goal. This phenomena is SO common that it’s been called “the 3rd man syndrome” where a “helper” appears out of nowhere to help guide, steer or cheer the person on to accomplishing some great task.

5 – Just about 75% of all near death experiencers who are brought BACK from the brink of death report an angelic experience, where a guide or loved one greets them, tells them it’s NOT yet their time, and that they have work left to do.

6 – Many people experience angels and guides DIRECTLY and intentionally through simple meditative exercises and visualization techniques. I’ve personally had hundreds of evidential, inspirational and amazing encounters with all sorts of spiritual energies through these practices, and have taught countless others how to do the same.

7 – Lastly, the MOMENT you get personal proof, and experience the beauty, bliss, love and light of an angelic being or spirit guide for yourself… it changes you forever. There is simply no amount of reading, or thinking or believing that matches ONE experience of KNOWING.


Phone Calls From the Dead?

Have you ever wondered about the limits of possibility when it comes to spirit communication, psychic experiences and the wild and wonderful world of the paranormal?
This documentary, done primarily on the topic of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) pushes all boundaries as it attempts to document some of the BEST available evidence that not only is the spirit world REAL…..that those who live there can communicate with us, through all sorts of everyday equipment.
(from voice recorders, to TV monitors, to computer screens and YES……even the telephone :-)
 Some of the stuff covered in this video is mind bending, jaw dropping and completely paradigm busting when it comes to actually documenting – and letting us listen in to what ordinary people are doing on a daily basis, with the extraordinary spiritual science of EVP.
What do YOU believe?
Do you believe that those who live in spirit can communicate with us through conventional ways…..or do you  think the idea of phone calls from the “dead” is just wishful thinking and new age nuttiness?
Check out the video……and make your OWN mind up.  (and don’t forget to leave us a comment -I’m curious to know what YOU think as well!)
Ready to discover your authentic spiritual life purpose?  Want to learn how to communicate with spirit on your own?   Want to learn how to improve your karma…and your connection to yourself, and everyone around you?  I can help you transform your life in powerful new ways… just a few short sessions!  Let’s work together - get the Details HERE.

Do Mediums Talk to the Dead?



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Do psychic mediums really talk to the dead? Where is evidence? What about alternative explanations? Has there been any real scientific study of psychic mediums….and if so, what has it proven?

All good questions, right?  Here is an excellent interview done in the prestigious Noetic Now Journal (the organization founded by Edgar Mitchell) with Dr. Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Institute for Applied Science, and Dr. Dean Radin….a bestselling author, and world respected scientist who studies psychic abilities under all sorts of cool and creative conditions.

Dr. Beischel is one of the worlds foremost researchers into psychic mediumship – and her work, while controversial……is lending a lot of credibility to the amazing information that many mediums are able to provide, that the skeptics and cynics simply can’t explain away.  (they try of course…..but they aren’t coming up with a convincing case..;-)

You can read the whole article at the link following the excerpt below :-)

Dean Radin: I want to ask you a question that you likely get a lot. How did a nice young lady with a doctorate in toxicology and pharmacology end up doing mediumship research?

Beischel: I do get asked that a lot. It’s a long story, but the short version is that when I was in graduate school, my mom committed suicide. I was twenty-four at the time. Science is my religion, and I turned to science to see what it had to say about the afterlife. Although there were some things being done, I found science did not have very many answers.

I had a reading from a medium, and from my personal experience, I recognized that there was clearly something going on there. I have a strong sense of justice, and it angered me to know that there are people in the world who have this innate gift of what they experience as communication from the other side, which they want to use to help people, yet most scientists were just dismissing the whole thing outright, without any information about the reality of it. So I got on my soapbox and began my scientific investigative pursuit.

Radin: A lot of scientists are interested in these kinds of questions, questions about survival, but they don’t take the time and the care to study the data long enough to be able to tweak their prior beliefs. So, as you said, if science is your religion—at least within the Western science tradition—when you’re dead, you’re dead. The brain is the mind, and that’s the end of the story. You must have had a lot of motivation to push through that argument, which is what most college students get, certainly by the time they finish their doctorate. Was there anything other than the mediumship experience that motivated you? What about the literature that you read afterward?

Am I Psychic – 3 Big Benefits to Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Who else would love to explore their own psychic potential?  Do you ever feel a bit different from others who are less intuitive than you, and keep it to yourself?  Or maybe you feel like it would be a blessing to become MORE aware of energy, emotions and information that lives around us all?

The truth is, developing, refining, expanding and increasing your psychic potential (and “powers”) is something that offers a whole slew of benefits that can change your life for the better….both spiritual, and otherwise.

For example?

1 – Knowing that you are NOT simply a “body” or physical shell… an incredible discovery that most of us who have explored our psychic potential tend to realize early on.  To me, this is the most uplifting, inspirational and IMPORTANT understanding that a person can have, as it influences just about every other area of our lives as well.  When you KNOW, through personal experience that you are BIGGER than your body, and aligned with something more BEAUTIFUL than can be captured in your small physical “shell”, it opens up the magic and the mystery and ultimately, the MEANING of what it’s like to be alive!  (something far too few people ever really feel)

2 – It makes you more compassionate and connected to others.  As I’ve said many times in the past when talking about psychic development, the idea of EMPATHY, or connecting with the emotional energy of others, is actually the ROOT of all great spiritual work.  It’s no accident that the word “sensitive” is often used to describe both psychics, mediums and clairvoyants…and also used to describe people who tend to be compassionate and connected to the feelings of others.  Exploring, enhancing and opening UP your intuitive psychic understanding of the world around you WILL lead to healthier, happier and more meaningful relationships, simply because you can “feel” people far better than most, and you’ll feel “karmically” connected to them in ways that you can’t understand, until you experience it yourself.

3 – Life just becomes INSTANTLY more exciting.  When you start to explore and experience the “ethereal” realms, you’ll start to open a wide window into amazing and exciting worlds that most people will ever know until the end of life.  In a sense, you get to experience so much MORE – and daily life becomes a carnival of incredible sights, sounds, smells that were always around….but you were never AWAKE enough to notice!  

Begin to look within.  And be prepared to be amazed at what you discover….both about yourself, and the wild, wacky and wonderful Universe around us all :-)

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Want to learn how to become psychic? Contact us HERE for our next psychic development home study course!



How to Connect with Spirit Through Meditation

How_to_Talk_to_SpiritsHere is a short simple guided meditation for beginning the process of connecting with spirit, or at least opening yourself up to the magic, and the mystery of a meaningful spiritually transformative experience.

There are many more of these sorts of timeless tips and techniques for opening ourselves up to the divine – and expanding our awareness in Michael Martin’s recent book – How to Talk to Spirits – The Beginners Guide for Re Uniting With Your Loved Ones on the Other Side….you can download the first chapter FREE here :-) 


The meditations below, especially those that deal with visualization, are a great way to transmute “feeling” sensations to SEEING sensations, which is something that can be developed with practice.

(and is really the type of experience many of us truly wish to have when we’ve lost someone we love)

Another quick note, before we being trying and applying some of the specific exercises and techniques below.

I’m going to start by outlining some meditative exercises that work very well…and then we’ll move on to some more conventional spiritual tools and techniques that you may want to try instead, or in addition to, or even together if you are spiritually ambitious.

In the interest of not repeating the same basic mediation instructions over and over (I did include them once or twice below) the general way I like to enter an altered state, using the breathe – is a follows.

You are going to start each mediation, with your PHYSICAL EYES closed, by counting backwards from 10.

Breathing in and out deeply and fully, begin counting silently as follows.

  • Breath IN on 10
  • Exhale OUT on 10
  • Breathe IN on 9
  • Exhale outbreath on 9
  • Breathe IN on 8
  • Exhale OUT on 8
  • Breathe IN on 7
  • Exhale outbreath on 7
  • Breathe IN on 6
  • Exhale outbreath on 6
  • Breathe IN on 5
  • Exhale outbreath on 5
  • Continue to you get to 1
  • Breathe IN on 1

Exhale outbreath 1

Some of you, will begin to feel the initial “tingles” and sensations of feeling light and deeply relaxed….with an open and awake awareness, in as little as 10 good, deep breaths.

When you exhale on 1 – with your physical eyes closed – I want you to open your “ethereal eyes” or imagine, on the last exhale, opening your inner eyes wide, bright and crystal clear.

Get acclimated to what you see around you – and continue the exercise from there.

Remember, it’s most effective to keep your physical eyes shut, and yet…simultaneously, to allow your “ethereal eyes” or your sense of spiritual vision to be active, alert and involved in each exercise….and enjoy!

believe in psychics

How to Talk to Spirits

How_to_Talk_to_SpiritsWho else would love to communicate with spirit on your own… psychics or mediums required?

Our newest book, written by our very own Michael Martin…….”How to Talk to Spirits:  A Beginners Guide for ReUniting with Your Loved One’s on the Other Side” is now available on Amazon.….and you can download the first chapter for Free!

We’ll be featuring some simple meditations, and other tools, tips and techniques from the book in the next few days, plus an online course on various spirit communication techniques is coming as well!

Enjoy…and if you enjoy the book – please leave a review on Amazon, or say hi and let us know!


What Kind of Psychic Are You?

Are you psychic?  If so….HOW so?  What type of unique, intuitive abilities do you believe you possess?  Do you ever see or feel things before they happen?  Or, do you occasionally have experiences that are so amazing and enlightening that you fear sharing them with other people out of fear of being branded nuts?

The truth is, there are all kinds of cool, creative and compelling “clairvoyant” types of experiences, and many of them don’t easily fit into the sort of box that many of us think about when we ponder our own psychic and spiritual abilities.

For example?

Just about EVERYONE has the ability to expand our awareness and see, sense and feel things that are happening at great distances away.  

It simply takes practice to perfect, but everyone reading this right now can HAVE the experience of “witnessing” things that are happening outside of your current visual field of view.

Other people have ONE experience that opens up a whole slew of OTHER spiritual and psychic experiences that change their lives, and their world view forever.

For example?

Near death experiences, or people who “see the light” so to speak often come “back” with an amazing array  of extraordinary abilities and a slew of psychic senses that they didn’t have before hand.

Many NDE’rs will talk about being able to see, sense and speak to spirits after they’ve come that close to crossing themselves, even if they didn’t believe in ANY of this stuff beforehand.

Others report an expanded sense of self…and a radically reduced fear of death, and an amazing INCREASE in a sense of psychic connection to all other living beings, often including animals, insects and even plants.

I know….it sounds crazy to say….but it’s TRUE, and an appreciation for the energy of life doesn’t have to be limited to just life that is most like us.

All kinds of other psychic abilities are much more common than most of us admit – from precognition, to lucid dreaming, to even things like having vague memories of past lives or previous incarnations that feel as real, at least for a few moments, as our daily ones do everyday.  (something I’ve personally experienced on many occasions as well)

What about YOUR psychic experiences?  Which ones are those that make you feel that there is much MORE to life than our 5 senses could possibly reveal?

predict the future

What does my Future Hold? 2 Do it Yourself Exercises to Predict Your Future Today

What does my future look like?  Is it bright and promising?  Or, are things never going to get better?  Will I get get married?  Have kids?  Will I be happy, healthy and doing something I LOVE for a living?  Or am I destined to always be alone and unfulfilled?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the millions of people who sweat, stress and obsessively worry about how life will turn out, the truth is, you’ve probably asked yourself SOME variation of all of the above on more than one occasion, right?

The good news?

You aren’t alone.  And as an emotional empath, karma “coach” and spiritual explorer myself, I’ve had an amazing array of experiences that PROVE to me that while the future is NOT fixed, there ARE many things you can do to re-discover your own purpose and path, and get a little bit of a glimpse at what life looks like down the road, before it happens.

Curious to know my favorite 2 for beginners or those of you who may be curious but not yet convinced?  Let’s take a closer look, immediately below.

1 – Dream Journaling

We ALL have precognitive dreams that we don’t remember.  And, one of the very BEST ways to predict the future is to see it in your dreams before it happens.  And interestingly, there is a huge amount of evidence that our dreams ARE precognitive and do actually foretell and foreshadow future events, we just don’t remember them, or aren’t aware of what we dreamt, when we wake up.  One of the best ways to counter this, and to actively ENGAGE and embrace your dreams is to write them down.  Train your active awareness to remember your dreams, and then jot them down on a piece of paper immediately when you get up in the morning.  Once you start doing this with regularity, you’ll be amazed at how many things start happening in your daily life that you actually “saw” in your sleep in advance…….and this begins the process of opening a wide window into the amazing world of intuition, psychic development and all sorts of other cool skills as well.

2 – Writing to your future self

Said simply and succinctly, you can access altered states by channeling your future self, today.  Picture yourself right now, 10 years down the road.  What does your life look like?  Who is around you?  What do your days look like?  All of this is available to us, if we begin to access the incredible intuition, and the karmic connection we all have to the spiritual adventure that is our lives.  This technique is also really good for making important life decisions as well, as you can often “see” the outcomes of actions many years in advance…simply by reverse engineering where you see yourself THEN, versus what you are doing today that is laying the foundation for that future.

Lastly, don’t discount using spiritual tools and techniques for a more advanced peek into your potential…and outcomes that may await you as well.  Tarot readings can be amazingly enlightening… can spiritual readings with authentic intuitives who can see, feel, sense and CONNECT with your karma…..simply through the energy, aura, emotion or even the vibrational frequency they pick up from your voice.

The bottom line?

There is MUCH more to life than we can see, hear or taste with our 5 senses.  Sometimes, opening up a wider window into the wonderful and wacky world of expanded awareness is the best way to predict the future…and to truly dance in the direction of your destiny, once and for all.  It’s waiting for you one way or another – so choose well, and BE prepared!

Tarot Readings for Love

What are tarot readings for love good for? Is a tarot card reading even accurate at all? What kind of information can I expect to learn from a relationship reading? Can I tell if he loves me… or if he’s REALLY the one simply by what comes through the cards?

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at tarot cards for love, and see what you can learn about your life, and about LOVE, within 20 minutes or less, with a qualified and talented tarot reader. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Evidential Answers

The first thing you should look for when trying to determine how accurate tarot cards are… and the specific reader you are talking to as well? Evidence. Or said in more spiritual terms… evidential information that comes through the reading that assures you that what you are getting applies SPECIFICALLY to you. After all… no matter how much fun a tarot reading may be, if the information is too general, or non specific, or even inaccurate for your current life conditions or circumstances, it makes very little sense to continue with the reading, let alone make important decisions predicated on what comes through.

Karmic Compatibility

Most good tarot readers will look at the spiritual significance of not only your own spread, but how those cards align with the karma, and compatibility you have with a specific “soul” in your immediate orbit. Most commonly, this is the person you are currently involved with now, or someone you may be curious about, or quite often… someone who may BE In your life right now in a non romantic or intimate way, yet… has some sort of soul mate significance that neither you, or the other person has yet to realize.

Precognitive/future oriented Answers

Simply stated, the most common reason people get a tarot reading is to forecast the future. And precognition, or divining future oriented information, is the strength of the tarot over other similar spiritual tools, simply because they have such a rich and storied history of being so GOOD at doing so accurately. Remember, the tarot is a symbolic spiritual tool. Many of the card combinations you’ll get offer up a wide variety of potential paths… and choices, and most importantly… lay out some spiritual scenarios that are possible contingent upon what path you pick.

Nowhere is this MORE important than in the domain of love, romance and relationship… where a choice you make TODAY, can reverberate for many years, decades or if you believe in karma and compatibility like we do, many LIFETIMES in the future as well.

So choose WELL. And even if you are 100% skeptical, or curious but not convinced, have a personal experience with tarot to see why so many of us won’t make ANY important decision without taking a long look at the spiritual story that cards symbolically spell out… before we do!

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