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Long Island Medium Fake?

Long Island Medium Fake?

Is Theresa Caputo a fake? Is the Long Island Medium a staged, scripted, made for TV program that tricks it’s viewers into thinking that the readings are real? The truth is, no matter how much fame, attention and affection a medium gets, there are always going to be a small minority of people who not only believe their abilities are faked or even fraudulent. The Long Island Medium has gotten ... »

How to tell if a psychic is real?

Q: What are the signs that a psychic is real? Is there any way to check to see if a psychic medium is certified? What does certification entail, anyway? Should I look for a psychic on Yelp, Craigslist or in my local newspaper? And what is the best way to avoid psychic scams altogether? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the majority of people who is seeking out psychic... »

What Happens After We Die?

What Happens When We Die? 7 Types of Afterlife Evidence That May PROVE Life After Death is True from goodkarma1 Is life after death real?  What is the evidence?  Or, said better…..what is the REAL evidence that sincerely suggests that your consciousness continues after your physical body ceases to function? Believe it or not, the evidence for the afterlife is actually quite overwhelming.  He... »

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