How to Find a Psychic

Q:  What are the signs a psychic is good?  How can I tell if a medium or spiritual coach is genuine?  Are all psychics created equal…..or are there big differences in the types of strength of intuitive ability?

Every day we get some type of variation on the question of how to find legitimate psychics.  People see readings on TV, (like Kim Russo, Theresa Caputo or other similar celebrity style readers) and wonder if ALL readings work the same way, or are they scripted for Television.

The truth is, some of the best ways to get genuine psychic or spiritual advice can be found in your local phone book.  There are many gifted readers working in just about every city, town and county in the USA (and around the world) and they are often far more accessible than higher priced “famous” names.

Another great way to find a psychic?

Meetups.  Just about every area has local meetup groups, and they are a great way of bonding and building real realationships (and getting real readings) from local professionals who work in the intuitive industry.

Phone networks are a highly appealing choice for many….with some world class readers being found on low cost phone networks as a way to pay the bills and augment their income otherwise.  (I know several world class psychics who work for services like Psychic Source or other similar networks, and charge a fraction of what you may pay for a premium reading from a better known reader even in your local community)

Do beware of psychic scams and other attempts to separate you from your hard earned money.  Stories like the popular one below from XO JANE do no one in our industry a service, and unfortunately….while rare, DO happen far too often for me.

I was not new to getting readings when I sat down in front of Julie* (name changed to protect us all) (also I don’t remember it). My friends and I frequently shelled out $5 and $10 for readings at county fairs and the like when we were giggling, goody-goody teenagers. So when my good friend asked if I wanted to have a girls’ night at a hip local bar that would have a psychic doing readings for $20, I thought it would be fun.

And I really, really needed some fun.

I was in a terrible time in my life. I had just finished grad school and had zero direction. My job ended with school and I had no money and was this close to losing my apartment. I was borrowing money from my parents for cat food. My boyfriend had dumped me six months previous and I couldn’t get over it and “dinner” was frequently a bottle of red wine from the local convenience store.

Long Island Medium Appointment Cost

How much does it cost for a private appointment with Theresa Caputo? Is it expensive? How long is the wait? If I need a medium and can’t afford to pay through the nose…..what is the best way to get an affordable reading without waiting forever?

The truth is, we’ve gotten questions about the cost for a personal reading with the Long Island Medium for years….and the actual facts about what that REALLY is, have fluxuated quite a bit due to the success of her show, and the whirlwind of media that has followed. I DON’T believe that a reading with Theresa Caputo is going to be as expensive as many of you fear….with most published accounts (including those on her own website at various points) reflecting that the cost is about $500 for a session. (that’s not cheap by any stretch…..but it IS in fact a lot less than many other well known mediums charge. George Anderson, for example…another NY based medium, charges several thousand for a single session)

The big problem when it comes to getting a reading with Theresa Caputo?

The time element involved. You are going to wait….and wait…..and wait some more. Some accounts have her waiting list pegged at several years and that is a very long time indeed to have to wait for some closure, if you are craving a connection with a loved one and don’t know where to turn.

Also of course, the fact is, there ARE a lot of ways to facilitate a connection with spirit on your own, from various types of meditation, to other spiritual practices, and there is no guarantee if you DID in fact wait two years to speak to Theresa Caputo that you’d actually get a connection, or have an experience that was evidential, or powerful at all. (I’ve waited years to see a specific well known medium myself, only to find the whole experience with that particular reader disappointing beyond expectation)

For more on private readings with the Long Island Medium, check out the articles and resources from around the web, at the links following the short excerpt below:

There are two thoughts that run through my mind every time I sit down to marathon episodes of Long Island Medium. First, how is it possible that someone’s voice actually sounds like that? And second, how can I hear that magnificent voice in person? Despite what people may say about Theresa Caputo and her medium skills, I think she’s legit. And even if she’s not legit, she’s managed to help a lot of people find peace after they lose people they love, and that’s still achieving the goal, right? It’s hard to deny that she’s pretty accurate, too. Regardless of how you might feel about Theresa, people are lining up to see her. On her website, she warns of a long waiting list — and I have a feeling that once your appointment finally does come, it’s going to cost you.

10 Psychic Reading Tips For Calling a Medium

Q: How do I prepare for a psychic reading? Are there any things I should do to ensure that the reading is good? How normal is it to be nervous before speaking to a psychic, medium or spiritual counselor? Should I write questions down in advance, or just go and let it flow….without preparing at all?

Here are some good suggestions from around the web on tips for calling (or visiting) a psychic. My best advice, is to simply relax, stay outcome oriented (on what you’d like to come out of the reading, specifically with one or two primary goals or takeaways) and don’t put too much pressure on yourself (or the psychic) before, during or after the reading. Keep an open mind, but no so open that your brains fall out! Stay within budget……and don’t allow yourself (ever) to believe that you need to invest in additional services to get a message from spirit, or information about the future. No reputable spiritual professional will do that, and there is always time in the future to consider further action, if it feels like a path to pursue.

Check out more psychic reading tips here – or read some additional ideas from around the web below.

1. Prepare Mentally

What’s on your mind that caused you to make an appointment for a reading? A day or so before your session take a little time and think about the questions you’d like to ask, or the areas you’d like to cover during your appointment.

If your session is with a spiritual medium, this step is even more important. In your mind, imagine making an appointment with your dearly departed loved one to meet you at the time of your reading.

2. Be Relaxed

It’s totally normal to be nervous prior to a reading. (I always ask new clients if they are nervous before we begin and 99% say yes). However, it really helps the energy flow in a session when you are relaxed.

If you arrive at your session and find that you are a bundle of nerves, take a few minutes and talk to the reader. Tell them you are nervous and spend a few minutes making small talk. This will often be enough to help put you at ease.
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