How to Get an Appointment with John Edward Psychic Medium?

What is the best way to make an appointment with the psychic, John Edward?

How much does he charge for private readings?  Is there a long waiting list?  What do people say about the experience who have seen John Edward in private…..rather than on TV, or in a large media setting?  And can he teach me how to communicate with my loved ones on the other side by myself….or do I need to see a medium every time I have something I want to say? (or hear from them?)

The truth is, John Edward is probably one of the most expensive psychic mediums to see in person, even in 2013….when his popularity (and noteriety) isn’t as high as it once was. 
(he’s been overshadowed a bit over the last few years by some more popular mediums – most notably, Theresa Caputo and to a lesser extend, Kim Russo and others who are regularly featured on reality TV)

He has a pot luck style request system for private readings on his website, (costing $800 and up) and is FAR more accessible in small group settings and live events, which he does quite frequently as well.  (of which, i’ve been to a bunch, and he’s really, really quite impressive each time….even for the more skeptical members of my group!)

Check out his listing on our psychic directory site….including links to his website, his social media profiles and live events…..and a some reviews of John Edward’s private readings as well!   (you can read the whole thing at the link, following the short excerpt below)

His best selling books include “What if God Were the Sun”, “Afterlife: Answers from the Other Side”, “Fallen Masters” (a novel) and many others)Of course what most people are interested to know about John Edward is how to get a reading….and what to expect.The good news?Contrary to what I’ve seen published elsewhere, John Edward DOES still do private readings.He DOES also have a long waiting list, IS very expensive and DOES have a very selective process for picking private clients.His website lists all of the fees for private and group readings HERE.….and he does have a membership site that you can join to increase your chances of getting access to him in a private (or semi private) setting, should you be one of the many who do.(NOTE: joining a membership site to get access to a “potential” reading DOES have an overtly marketing sort of feel to it – and in fairness, we DO have readers and members of our psychic community who are turned off by this, so you are encouraged to make up your own mind as well)John does do many small and larger group events as well, and you can read about those here. (including his schedule for much of 2013 and 2014)

John Edward Psychic Medium

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