Precognitive Dreams

Are your dreams precognitive? Do they have a future predictive element to them that you simply CAN’T explain away? Do you have lucid dreams….spiritually significant dreams or have things happen while you should be sleeping that you KNOW are more than imaginary brain blips of a slumbering mind?

And if so…..HOW so? What purpose do your precognitive dreams serve in your life?

Are they positive and uplifting, or are they more likely to be dire….and a warning of things to come?  (and avoid?)

The truth is, psychic dreams come in all types and stripes…and all kinds of flavors as well.  There are precognitive dreams that foreshadow future events.  There are spiritual dreams of a more transcendent, mysterious and transformational type as well….where a loved one may come to you in your sleep…..YET, you know the “dream” has a quality to it that is extraordinarily lucid, clear and inspirational.  (and informative as well – many spirit visitation types of dreams have a communication of information that later proves useful AND “evidential” that something bigger took place than a mere hallucination)

I love the notion that precognition, especially while asleep can be a great aid to your future health and wellbeing.

How so?


1. They can WARN you of some sort of future event and sort of serve as a cosmic “heads up” –
2. Or –
3. They can actually help you recognize that you are on the right path….and doing something that is part and parcel of your destiny.

I also like the idea that there is a piece of each of us that comes out in a sleeping, slumbering state that transcends the physical – some ethereal element that awakens when the rest of us rests and infuses our intuition with a truth, and a realness about our lives, and the universe and our purpose here that we ordinarily can’t tap into while awake and distracted by “real” life.

Want a really good example from one of the smartest scientists who ever lived?

Emmanuel Swedenborg, (who is considered to have the highest IQ of the last 300 years…..even more intellectually astute than Einstein) had a series of psychic dreams, premonitions and visions in the second half of his life that literally…..transformed him from a skeptical scientist into a full time psychic, seer and paranormal investigator.

Not only did he write extensively about his precognitive dreams, spirit visions and other incredible intuitive experiences, his adventures in these states were documented, and are still studied today.  (his famous book “Heaven and Hell” documented the spiritual visions Swedenborg described, often in his dreams….and predicted many REAL and later verified events that were impossible for him to have known)

There are 2 key components to psychic dreaming.

1 – documentation
2 – interpretation

the documentation you’ve got to do on your own. (after all….it’s YOUR brain that’s having the dreams..:-)

The interoperation is where you need help – either from another psychic or spiritual perspective, or through other therapeutic techniques.  (even tarot is a great way of interpreting dreams that have a psychic or paranormal bent)

The one thing NOT to do?

Don’t keep it to yourself.  And don’t think you are crazy.  You aren’t.  It’s special and a great gift.  (and precognition, ESPECIALLY in dreams is a great “blessing” in many respects too, and a great adventure.  Enjoy them, and allow the universe to TELL you what it wants you to know!)

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