Evidence for Psychic Abilities?

What is the best evidence for psychic abilities?  Are there any good studies that have demonstrated that people can see the future?  Move things with our minds?  Communicate with spirit, have precognitive dreams or even experience the spiritual sensation of leaving our bodies and seeing the world in a whole new light?  (no pun intended..:-)

The truth is, there is tons and tons of amazing evidence that supports the idea that not only are psychic abilities a normal part of human existence and personal power……but, that they can often be demonstrated in a lab setting, under heavily controlled conditions.

For example – check out the GREAT book by Dean Radin “Entangled Minds”.  Or, some of the incredible work being done by the Windbridge Institute on psychic mediums who regularly offer afterlife evidence during readings that many of us believe are the best PROOF of an afterlife that there is.  (again, in heavily controlled studies where luck, fraud and chance are ruled out to the best of the particpats ability)

What about studies done of soliders who talk about trusting their intuition in Iraq and Afganistan and how NOT making choices based on listening to that small voice within has saved their lives, often….far more than once.  (try telling THAT solider it was luck, or imagination, or a hallucination….after they’ve backed out of a room or alley, based on an instant intuitive sense that something was wrong, only to find smoke and ash explode moments later)

The truth is, while skeptics will constantly tell you that there is NO evidence for psychic ability, there is more than 125 years of meticulously documented evidence that says the exact opposite – and in just about every area of paranormal, and psychical research that there is. 

Of course, seeking out PROOF for yourself, is the only real way of finding out what is FACT, and what is fiction….and that is why everyone should seek out spiritual experience, or get a psychic reading, or explore their own inner space……or whatever truth it is you seek to discover. 

For some more historical evidence of the reality of psychic abilities from around the web…check out soem of the interesting links below!

The book shows in no unmistakable terms how conventional science has deliberately ignored a great part of extraordinary phenomena that millions of people around the world have experienced, simply because they cannot be explained by currently accepted scientific principles.Extraordinary psychic abilities repeatedly demonstrated by such world-renowned psychics and clairvoyants as Uri Geller of Israel, Olof Jonsson of Sweden, Gerard Croiset of the Netherlands, and Barbara Ivanova of Russia and many others have not convinced die-hard skeptics because their psychic feats were considered merely anecdotal, and were not performed under strict, scientifically controlled conditions.And yet when such abilities are demonstrated in the scientific laboratory, they claim the experimental methods used were faulty or that the investigators were biased in favor of the psychics.With such a tautologous (or circular) reasoning, no psychic investigator will win the argument. As the Dutch philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, wisely said: “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Hard scientific evidence of psychic phenomena | Inquirer Lifestyle

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