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Long Island Medium Cost

Ever wonder how much it would cost to get an appointment with the long island medium in person? Guess what? You are NOT alone. :-)

How accurate is the Long Island Medium in person


What is the cost to get a reading, and how long should I expect to have to wait to get an appointment?

There is quite a bit of online confusion about how much you are going to pay for a reading from Theresa Caputo….mostly because she seems to be booked so far in advance, that she doesn’t really respond to many inuqiries made on her social media communities – most notably, her Facebook page.  (Where comments and questions can go unanswered for days or weeks or longer….much to the dismay of her legion of fans around the globe)

psychic answersThe best information we’ve gotten, as we’ve published before, is the Long Island Medium charges about $500 for a short reading (of about 30 minutes) and that you WILL have to wait a long, long time to even get an appointment.  Those numbers COULD be off as well, as they have fluxuated dramatically over the last year or so, and based on supply, schedule and demand….we’ve heard vastly different quotes as well.  (MOST way HIGHER…..but some a tad lower as well)

For more around the web on Theresa Caputo’s readings and accuracy, check out another article below…..or share your own experiences with us on Twitter if they differ from what you’ve read here.

And remember, there are tons of amazing mediums and intuitive’s working in just about every city and town in the world……and you do NOT need a celebrity psychic to get a life changing reading at all.

(quite honestly, some of the BEST readings I’ve gotten have been either by professional phone psychics, or local mediums or clairvoyants who are largely unknown on the national stage…..but are as or even MORE accurate and impressive than the celebrity psychics we all see on TV :-)


I am writing this blog because I get asked questions about Theresa Caputo every day while doing sessions with my current clients. Here are the questions I get most often & my answers. 1-Do you know what Theresa charges? I have not been able to find her fees on a website that is directly affiliated with her or her show; however, in my research I have talked to a few people that have had sessions with her. According to them, it seems the price for a 30 minute session is around $400 in her local area-more if she travels and more for private groups. I cannot say for certain this is accurate, as I only know what I’m being told by others. 2-How do I get an appointment with her? To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get an appointment at this time is to email her directly. I did see numerous requests on the facebook page & follow up comments that she had not been responding- in all fairness to her, I must interject, it’s virtually impossible to respond to every request or comment/question I receive, she’s on TV…I think it’s obvious she couldn’t possibly schedule a session with everyone who contacts her.

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