Psychic Presidential Predictions – Are They Accurate?

I always find the psychics who come out of the woodwork to make presidential predictions very entertaining..:-) 

Not because I don’t believe in the power of precognition.  But, because to try to use your natural gifts to publically predict events that are hot button issues (and 50/50 propositions to begin with) is a no win proposition for all, anyway.

How so? 

Consider this:

If a psychic or tarot reader, or astrologer tells you that President Obama is going to be re-elected, and then he is……does that prove that the reader is psychic?  Or, in the reverse, if they predict that Gov Romney will win and he does……what does THAT prove about his or her intuitive abilities?

Absolutely NOTHING, right?  I mean, if we are being fair and reasonable about it, it’s a coin flip either way!

So my own experience is, the readers who try to tell us how psychic they are, predicated on things like presidential predictions, are the EXACT type of professional intuitives I avoid like the plague.

Not because of course I think they are full of “bs” per se, but more because that’s NOT the way most legitimate psychics and mediums practice.  It’s more a parlor trick kind of gimmick, and the sort of stuff that gives psychics everywhere a bad name.
Check out some of the psychic presidential predictions at the link below…..or if you disagree with me, and think this is a perfectly fine practice, tell me why on Twitter…..or in the comments section below! 

As for Obama, Frank said the president is more focused on the past. She said, “He has left something behind, but he’s not telling anyone.”Frank and others said results from the politically focussed readings could change tomorrow. That is why she does them every day.Each of the psychics indicated Monday that not everything has worked out as Obama had predicted before defeating John McCain in 2008. But for the group of readers, things like that don’t always matter.For instance, Gushikawa said she had the chance to shake President Obama’s hand when he was in Pueblo and it was very telling.“From shaking his hand with my left hand, which is the closest to my heart, I felt very good about him,” she said.

2 of 3 predict Obama victory | election, presidential, cards – The psychics say – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

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