What Do Psychics Say About the Afterlife

Q:  What do psychic mediums think happens when we die?  Do they believe in an afterlife?  Is it like heaven, hell and the sort of stuff we read about in the Bible, or is it something entirely different?

A:  My own experience with psychics and the afterlife is that there are very wide and varied opinions on what happens what we die….and that each psychic and medium I’ve spoken with, interviewed or read about has their own unique spin on the afterlife, and what it’s like.

The biggest difference between what psychics believe about the afterlife?

Believe it or not, in my experience, it has a lot to do with their underlying religious beliefs!  Some psychics who are very, very religious (typically from their own upbrining) tend to bring a very religious conception of the afterlife to their readings.  Others who have a more new age perspective on religion, are much more open to all sorts of more open minded perspectives on what heaven may look like, and what happens once we get there.

Interestingly, in hundreds and hundreds of personal psychic experiences myself, I’ve almost NEVER come across a psychic or medium who believes in a traditional hell……or the sort of place that religions teach us awaits those who do bad things in this life.  (they often have a very different idea of what the punishment may be like – usually a self imposed purgatory that the invidiual spirit must work through, to move on and grow in the afterlife realms)

Check out the interview below with psychic medium George Anderson for more on his particular take on what happens when we die, what it looks like and what to expect once we arrive :-)

Geographically speaking, where is it? Is it the stereotypical heaven, somewhere up above the clouds?It seems that the next dimension is here, it runs parallel to this one. Making the transition seems to be more like a heavenly experience than a trip to the Hollywood-style heaven.

I think that the reason we have the sense of being uplifted or believe that heaven is up is that we feel a sense of being uplifted in the next stage of life. When we become one in the next dimension, we feel that we understand everything, we feel spiritually and emotionally uplifted. That’s probably where the conception of going up came from.

Can the spirits come right out and tell you what the other side is like, or do you have to put pieces together?It depends on their degree of awareness and consciousness. Somebody may be having a different, subjective experience over there, so they would have a different interpretation of it. It’s just as it is here with us.

George Anderson – psychic about the afterlife

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