Psychic Scams? How to Tell if a Psychic is Telling the Truth

Some “psychics” lie.

Some guess. Some fish for answers. And some just take your money and don’t care what happens afterwards at all.

And yet, some psychics are SO amazingly intuitive, enlightening and inspiring that a reading can have a profound effect on how you perceive your past, enjoy your present and pursue your future as well.

I know from first hand experience, as I’ve had just about every type of reading under the sun.

For example?

The kind of reading where you’ve just had something amazingly important happen in your life….and yet, 20 minutes in, the reader is still telling you about something small, trivial and totally off base.

Or, the kind of reading where the reader looks up at you expectantly after everything they utter…..looking for some slender shred of recognition or acknowledgement that they should pursue this path in the hope they hit something that fits.

Or, the kind of reading that the psychic gets BELLIGERENT when you tell them that they are off base. (Even when you say it really politely, too!) Everyone who has experience with psychics, clairvoyants or mediums over a long period of time knows this type of reader…and the more they “miss”, the angrier and more insistent they get. No fun.

And yet, once in a while you get that reading where information comes through that is so accurate, and so incredible that your jaw drops. When you hear something from a loved one who has crossed that you KNOW in your bones would be impossible for the psychic or medium go get on their own. Or when a reading just “gets” you on this incredible intuitive level, and you KNOW the advice is so fresh, unique and life changing, that you literally have an “A-HA” moment out loud.

So how do you have MORE of the kinds of readings that blow you away, and LESS of the ones you want to immediately forget?

The truth is, there is NO single, simple answer: Instead, here is a simple checklist that has served ME well over the last decade as a psychic researcher and publisher, and that still serves me incredibly well today.

Prepare properly for EVERY reading.

Write down a small list of questions you want answered, before the reading begins, and let THEM control the direction of the reading. (rather than allowing the psychic to go on a tangent or direction they’d prefer)

  1. Stick with the SAME psychics:
  2. I can’t tell you how important it is to find readers you TRUST, and stick by them…much the way you’d trust any other professional. After all, you wouldn’t keep switching doctors after every visit, would you? When you find someone you LIKE, work at cultivating a relationship that grows closer over time. I still speak to the same psychics today that I called 5 years ago….and this personal connection makes ALL my readings powerful, productive and enlightening.
  3. Know when to say NO! When a psychic is getting it wrong, speak UP. Don’t accept bad information, or offer wishy washy responses to wrong readings. Remember, you control what you create in this world, and if you want genuine guidance from the Universe, or from spirit, or from your guides, or whatever you believe in… have to be willing to participate.

Lastly, when your own gut tells you something is wrong with a reading, and the insight, information or direction doesn’t sit well, STOP it, end it, or simply hang up the phone. The truth is, your own intuition is the most powerful ally in the world when it comes to discerning fact from fiction…and listening to it SHOULD be your tool for transformation as well.

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