Who are the BEST Psychics in the World?

Who are the best psychics in the world? Is there an “A” LIST? Are some famous or celebrity psychic fakes….or are they ALL uber talented, and well worth the noteriety and acclaim that they’re offered?

The truth is, you will NEVER get a consensus or agreement on the best psychics on the plant…..in the world…..in your STATE, or even in your neighborhood.. Why? Because different intuitives have different rapport, or relationships with different people and personalities, and someone you’ve had an amazing, life changing paradigm shifting reading with may NOT be so impressive, or accurate with the next person.

That said, there ARE in fact lots of well celebrated, highly talented and universally appreciated psychics.

Uri Geller comes to mind for me…….MOSTLY because while he has had his “off moments”, there are many recorded demonstrations that Geller has offered, in SERIOUS scientific company, that are beyond dispute. (even though many recall the failed spoon bending “outing” he had on the Johnny Carson show….that does NOT even touch the surface of how many AMAZING demonstrations he’s offered, on camera nonetheless….that are VERY difficult to explain away)

And there are many others, of course…as well. (some who I like..and some, not so much!)

Check out the sort article below on some of hte other well known psychics in the world and make your OWN mind up as well!

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Uri Geller

Uri Geller is an Israeli television personality known for his performance of telekinesis, mind reading and dowsing. He was born in Tel Aviv. He could bend spoons, stop the watches and even make them run faster by his will power.

He became aware of his metaphysical powers at the young age of four. He came to the US in early 1970s and worked before the television audiences world wide. He can prospect oil, gold, minerals and so on. He now lives in Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire, England, on the bank of the River Thames.
ames Van Praagh

Born in New York, James Van Praagh is a celebrated medium, author of several books on parapsychology and co-Executive Producer of the television series Ghost Whisperer on CBS.

He has a tremendous fascination for death and cross over spirits. He belongs to the class of famous mediums such as John Edward and the British medium Derek Acorah.
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