3 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides From Home (Hint….It’s EASIER Than You Think!)

Who else is looking to connect with their spirit guides?

Do you even believe that you HAVE them….or are you not convinced?

  • I want you to do me a quick favor. Close your eyes and picture this:
  • Imagine you are able to connect with loved ones, deceased relatives or ancestors on the other side at WILL
  • Imagine you can get advice, information and insight from the "masters"….or those who can give you great guidance about important life decisions….whenever it’s required
  • Imagine getting first hand PROOF that life continues on after physical death…and knowing for certain that you can NEVER die yourself?

The truth?

Learning how to connect with your spirit guides can offer you ALL of this and a lot more…..and without having to change your existing beliefs a bit to make it happen.

Want to know my favorite 3 ways to connect with your guides, angels or spiritual caretakers whenever you need a helping hand?

1 – Talk to a psychic or medium who can CHANNEL, or connect for you in your behalf (very common to seeing a psychic medium like we watch or TV….or read in books)
2- The power of prayer…..or religious rituals (this is NOT my favorite approach personally….but I know many people who use this strategy for accomplishing amazing things, including getting in direct contact with the world of spirit)
3 – The MAGIC of mediation and entering altered states of consciousness (and the creative methods of communication that come with it)

My FAVORITE approach?

My first experience with my own spirit guides came as a consequence of a psychic medium reading. But since…..I’ve gone on to have MANY magical moments in meditation, where I’ve accessed the spirit realm personally and WITHOUT the help of a medium or clairvoyant, and have had deep, rich and vivid out of body experiences to boot! Like many others, I use sound and music technology to "train my brain" to induce these sorts of experiences at will….and have found them to be the most profound adventures of my life thus far….and PROOF that the spirit realm is REAL! (and that we all have access to them if we wish…when we’re ready!)

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