Talk to the Dead – 3 Techniques for Communicating with the Other Side You Have to Experience to Believe!

Do dead people talk? 

If they do……how can I talk to the dead?  Sounds like a pretty silly proposition to many, I know..:-)  But the truth is, people have been talking (and listening) to the dead for hundreds of years, and to dismiss the whole thing as silly, or a fantastical fabrication of phoniness would be EQUALLY as silly as believing all of the many amazing messages that have come through in the better cases.

The fact is….there are MANY genuine mediums who do amazing work that simply can’t be explained away by conventional science.

But even more importantly….there are many interesting ways that YOU can prove to yourself that the “dead” are close by….and would love to chat..:-) 

For some super simple techniques for talking to the dead, check out the short article below by famous intuitive to the stars (and scientists alike) Laura Day….a high profile author, speaker and psychic intuitive who is known to be a friend and confidant to MANY of the rich and famous…from Wall Street to Hollywood and beyond.  (and is a favorite of Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Deprak Chopra and more)

Read the full story at the link below the post….and enjoy practicing communicating with the other side.  (it may be A LOT easier than you think!)

This time of year we all get weird and nostalgic. We want to believe there is more to life and even, well, after life. We seek guidance, and assurance that we are not alone. Here is some strange but very real investigation that you can try by yourself and with friends this holiday season to communicate with the dead.Skeptical? Me too. Don’t ask me how this is possible. I do it and I still don’t know. I do know that I get accurate information, but I’m still not convinced that it doesn’t just come from somewhere in the collective unconscious we all share. It sounds crazy, but I love doing this.

Of course, I keep it to myself, usually, so I don’t embarrass my family or get put away “somewhere safe.”You don’t have to believe in this for it to work, but if you don’t believe in it, do it for someone else because they will tell you how right you are.There are many ways to see, hear and feel the energy of someone who is dead.

You can go on forever about what you really perceive, but the fact is, if you follow my directions, you will get information that verifies that you are picking up on something that really exists and can be confirmed!
Talk to the Dead — Intuition Expert Laura Day Tells Us How (Really!) –

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