The Out of Body Experience Explored: Common Questions (and answers) About Astral Projection

super woman.jpgWho wants to ask some questions about the out of body experience?

If you are anything like most of our readers, you’ve probably been asking yourself quite a few of these on MORE than one occasion! In the pantheon of phenomenal paranormal experiences.…there is LITTLE quite as exciting, mysterious and magical as the OBE and astral projection.

So before you dive HEADFIRST into the warm and welcoming waters of an ocean you AREN’T quite familiar with… on as we examine some things you might want to know!

What Does An Out of Body Experience FEEL Like?

Depends on who you ask! Some people find it feels hyper-real, as if your senses are simply SO incredibly fine tuned and ultra aware that every simple and subtle slice of “reality” feels amazing against your energetic skin..:-)

Others feel like they are floating – still others feel like they are shocked – and even frightened to find themselves in a space and place they simply WEREN’T expecting to be. (hey….wasn’t I just sitting on the sofa a minute ago!?!)

This reaction obviously is more likely in a spontaneous, rather than planned, OBE.

What Causes an Out of Body Experience?

Many things have been thought to induce an OBE….but the KNOWN triggers are trauma ( as in crisis, or even near death), meditation and some sound technologies like hemi sync or binural beats, some drugs have certainly been used for astral projection ( especially psychedelics and some rare plants found in many tribal cultures) and practice as well! The simple DESIRE to have an obe is often the strongest determinant in actually having one..:-)

Are Out of Body Experiences Dangerous?

I really HATE this questions because there seems to some people out there who will argue….YES..:-( I say NO, and I’ve never heard of an experience where someone has had any kind of REAL injury or anything more outlandish occur. (i.e. – like the folks who will tell you that someone has NOT come back, died, or otherwise. This is simply NOT true in my experience, and FAR outside of what we consider likely, or even possible for that matter to boot!)

How Can I Have My First OBE?

Great question – and you simply have to practice!

We use and recommend binural beats ALL of the time, and in my view, they are the ONE must have accessory to surfing the wild and woolly waves of the ethereal realms! Besides, practicing for an OBE CAN be a ton of fun as well, and using sound to help move your BLISS body on up is one sure way of doing both for sure.

Who else wants to have a BLISSFULL ride on the wild and woolly supernatural surfboard, baby! Suddenly Psychic uses Binural Beats to beam UP the Bliss Body, embrace the mystery and dance on the edge of the etheric for fun….and so TOO can YOU! Click Here for Free downloads of binural beat sound technology NOW, guaranteed to help you have your first OBE in a hurry!

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