Learn How to Cultivate Psychic Energy Using Brain Entrainment Software

chakra.jpgIn this article we are going to discuss psychic energy.

If you are anything like most of the people that we speak to online regarding the development of psychic powers, you most certainly have heard of psychic energy.

Whether referred to as “chi”, prana, kundalini, chakras, subtle energies or any other esoteric and exotic terminology, the simple truth is that many believe this is THE vital life force that is imbued within all living things!

And tapping into this cosmic consciousness is FAR easier to do than to intellectually debate and describe….my FAVORITE method for doing it FAST is through using sound technology like binural beats.

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if this sounds like a bunch of new age hokiness to you – the likelihood is you HAVEN’T yet opened up your awareness to exploring the area..:-)

Hemi-sync technology, founded by Out of Body pioneer and researcher, Robert Monroe, has been utilized and scientifically studied for over 25 years. Inducing altered states of consciousness in people using these simple and soothing brain wave sound synchronization systems has been done successfully MORE times than any of us can count.

And the resulting energy that is cultivated…the amazing ADVENTURES in the astral and subtle energy realms, the profound psychic premonitions that have been created as a consequence are simply amazing to investigate for sure!

The beauty of the internet is that FINALLY these technologies are available to ALL of us (rather than only those who could attend private retreats and seminars!) and can be easily downloaded for FREE to test, experiment and ADVENTURE in realms that were previously reserved for the hyper spiritually advanced….or very wealthy alone.

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