Opening Heavens Door

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Looking for some good early summer spiritual reading? A new book on spiritually transformative experiences has just come out….written by award winning journalist Patricia Pearson.

It’s called Opening Heaven’s Door, and what I’ve read thus far, I’ve really enjoyed. The book documents, details and describes a whole series of incredible experiences that suggest we are far more than our physical bodies would have us believe…from near death experences, to death bed visions to apparitions and all sorts of other cool adventures in between.

Well worth checking out – you can read a bit more about the author, and grab a copy of the book from Amazon, both by visiting her blog at the link below. (including some amazing experiences shared in the community comments section of her blog as well)

I heard a small part on CBC radio. I have to share. My mother was dying of cancer at the age of 51 (30yrs ago). In the final weeks she was admitted to the hospital 2 weeks before my sister was getting married. I went to visit everyday after worrk, and everyday I would walk into the room and hear my mother talking very coherently to someone sitting in the chair, but as I entered, she would slip into the morphine haze and barely realize I was there. The week before she died, the nurses would tell me and my father that she has lively conversations until someone enters the room, then she is quiet. One day I stood outside of the room before entering (2days before my sisters wedding) and I heard her say “no mom, I can’t come yet, a few more days”…….she was talking to her mother who had dies 7 months earlier. she had been spending the last few weeks of her life talking to her mom!!!!! It was Nan sitting in the chair keeping her company!!! When my sister was married, we all went to the hospital so mom could see her. When the bridal party was leaving, mom grabbed my arm and said…”Julie can I go now”…I knew exactly what she was saying, I told her yes, and that I loved her….she was dead 2 days later.

Fast forward 3 yrs… sisters firstborn has died at 26 months old from congenital heart defect. On the day that this happened I was at home with my 24 month old (they played together all the time). That evening after Zac had died on the operating table, I was taking Jason upstairs for his usual bath, when he stopped on his way up the stairs and turned around and starting tell Zac to come for thier bathtime….Zachie, tubbie, Zachie, tubbie, and he kept looking at the bottom of the stairs….then he started laughing and crawling very quickly up the stairs (they used to race up together)………as he was in the tub he kept chatting in baby talk, and passing Zach the bath tub toys like they always did………this was so strange…….I have goose pimples even talking about it again………I could not figure out how this was happening, or how my 24 month old was pretending something so clearly………I know he wasn’t pretending, I know Zach came to say good bye. Jason never asked where Zac was after that night.

Psychic Dreams – Can YOU See The Future While Having a Dream?


Can dreams be psychic? How can I tell if I’m seeing the future while having a dream?

Here is another interesting study on how to tell if your dreams are psychic…..or said better, how to know if we really ARE able to see the future, or even read minds while asleep

What many people don’t know is that there are tons of really great scientific studies into the nature of precognitive dreams, and many people have incredible experiences with both feeling the future, spiritual visions and even being able to read the minds of others while having deep, detailed and lucid dreams.

Check out the full article below….or share YOUR psychic dreaming experiences with us on Twitter here!

The New Telepathic Dreaming Studies

Both of Smith’s experiments exposed students to a photo of an individual and asked them to try to dream about the problems of that person. So there are sender and receivers, as is traditional in dream telepathy studies. The identity of the senders were unknown, even to the experimenters themselves.

In Experiment 1, the focus was on health problems of the individual in the photo. The study compared 2 dreams that the students submitted before the “incubation” began with 2 dreams collected afterwards.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.31.10 PMIn Experiment 2, the focus was on life problems of the individual in the photograph. Like the first study, students submitted 2 dreams before they were informed about the aim of the study. Experiment 2 also used an additional control: about half of the students (56 people) looked at a photograph that was unbeknownst to them a computer simulated image–not a real person.

In both studies, the experimental post-incubation groups had many more “hits” than the controls, a hit being an image or concept in the dream that correlated to real problems of the individual in question.

More convincing for me, in experiment 2, the dream content of the control group (who looked at a fictional person’s image) did not change from before and after incubation, where as the experimental group had a large (statistically significant) change. See Figure 1 above.

Carlyle Smith says this about the findings:

“The data from these experiments suggests that normal undergraduates were able to have dreams with content that reflected the real-life problems and concerns of an unknown target individual. The content reported by each experimental individual varied somewhat and the focus varied from dreamer to dreamer, but overall, the scores on specified categories were quite significantly different for the target in experiment 2. Equally important was the lack of change in content for the Controls where the target was fictitious.”

Here’s where to read the study yourself. There’s great details about the dream themes and how they related to the sender’s real-life problems.

Colton Burpo NDE – The truth about children and near death experiences

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Do babies have near death experiences? Is it possible for a small child to REALLY see “god” or to go to heaven? What is the evidence? Isn’t it more likely that their parents are just making it up?

With all of the attention that near deaht experiences and children are ABOUT to get with the upcoming release of Heaven is for Real, the movie documenting the incredible NDE of Coton Burpo, many people are scratching their heads and wondering what is REALLY happening when a child comes back from the brink of death…and reports on things that feel impossible for him or her to know. Check out this great article written on kids near death experiences and see if it doesn’t give you a more powerful perspective on the reality of what millions of people have described after visiting the “other side” :-)

Do Children Really Have NDEs?


nancyevansbushAs the film Heaven Is For Real is released in theaters, we remember the writing of Nancy Evans Bush , author of Dancing Past the Dark,  as she discusses issues and evidence of children who have had NDEs.

When news of near-death experiences first began reaching the public, almost forty years ago, one of the earliest questions was, “What about children?” Children haven’t had much education or religious training; so surely a child could not have such an experience? Well, wrong. As early as 1983, more than two thousand people had reported their near-death experiences (NDEs) to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).  [... Among them were dozens from people who mentioned having had an NDE as a child; fifteen of them were described in detail.] As the first-generation archive of experiences, these reports are considered the “cleanest”—unlikely to have been influenced by hearing or reading about many others. Among them were dozens from people who mentioned having had an NDE as a child; fifteen of them were described in detail. The experiences had all happened well before the term “near-death experience” was even invented, but all were remembered vividly. In addition, two mothers contacted IANDS for help with what their still-young children were reporting and dealing with after an NDE. As the fifteen first-person accounts were being described so early in the history of near-death studies, and as the two mothers’ stories were so immediate, they have exceptional believability. First reported in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, Winter 1983, these experiences still serve as introduction to the question, “What about children and NDEs?”

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